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Title A bit of mental exercise is good for your brain
Topic Using logical-mathematical strategies


  1. ¿What mathematical concepts underline in each game?
  2. ¿Can I design my own strategy games using my knowledge of maths?
  3. ¿How maths help our knowledge of the environment and to solve planning/strategy problems?

These are the matters that we try to formulate with the activities.


Fibre boards, nails, wool, calendars, eva foam, glue, paper, calculator. 


Our aim is to show the students the playful side of maths and awaken their interest for a quiet search of strategies and solutions encouraging the pleasure of discovering why "tricks" work and the planning behind ecah activity.


1. Tricks with the calendar: use of calendars to make tricks guessing numbers.

2. Use geobard to present topology.

3. Games with numbers: some games will be set out to guess numbers and/or do calcualtions in a non-traditional way. Later it will be explained how we got it. 

Question 1

Why do these tricks always work?

Question 2

May I extrapolate these strategies to other problems and/or real life situations?

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